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Posted on October 30, 2013

cardboardboxOver the past few months I have posted a couple of articles regarding the search for storage acceleration options and some things to consider. As a virtualization architect, a network architect, and a storage architect I had been on the lookout for many years for better ways to deliver increased storage performance within the virtual environment in a way that made sense to me. Until very recently the options were either not a great fit for my environment, they did not fit with my idea of how it should be done, they were beyond my budget, or did not appeal to me for one reason or another. In my search for improved storage performance I eventually came across a solution which was a great fit, did not require any changes to my environment, delivered both read AND write acceleration, and was affordable. You can guess from the title which company's product it was.

To make a long story short two weeks ago I went from being a happy customer to joining the PernixData team. The more I saw of what the product delivered the more I knew that I wanted to be a part of the amazing group of people that brought this technology to fruition. I was so excited about FVP that even while I was testing it several months ago I was singing its praises to anyone who would listen. Add to this the excitement of joining a startup with a pedigree of incredibly smart folks behind it and there really wasn't much to think about. I saw a posted opening for a systems engineer in my area and I went for it. Every day since my first day has re-affirmed that I made the right decision and I look forward to working with team. As I replied to someone on twitter just today, I was amazed at what the product did before and am even more impressed now that I have an insider's view into the internals of how it works, and I can see how much thought and discussion goes into every aspect of the software. Best of all I get to leverage a decade of virtualization experience when talking to future customers.

Moving forward I think that it is safe to assume that there will be more posts focused around PernixData FVP. That said I am a virtualization and technology enthusiast at heart and will still post VMware and virtualization-related articles and anything else that strikes my fancy. Having left the enterprise environment I will continue to work in the lab to keep my skills honed, and will inevitably continue to learn much from others. I have embarked on an exciting new journey and look forward to continuing to learn new things every day and to sharing them with others.


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