vExpert 2016 Application period is open!

Posted on November 4, 2015




Applications for the 2016 vExpert Program are now open! There is also a fast track process that is required for current vExperts. If you are a contributing member to the VMware community consider applying to become a member of the vExpert program.

What is the vExpert Program?

From the vExpert community page:

The VMware vExpert program is VMware's global evangelism and advocacy program. The program is designed to put VMware's marketing resources towards your advocacy efforts. Promotion of your articles, exposure at our global events, co-op advertising, traffic analysis, and early access to beta programs and VMware's roadmap. VMware will provide you with a unique vExpert id that will allow insights into analytics to help understand customer trends to assist you and keep your advocacy activities on track.


If you are interested in becoming a vExpert the criteria is simple. We are looking for IT Professionals who are giving back to the community and go above and beyond their day job.(emphasis added). Here is a short list of the things we look for while voting on the applications: 2015 blog posts on virtualization, magazine articles, book authors, sharing personal scripts, helping community members in forums, public speaking, how to videos and so on. If you have questions around this please feel free to email us at

Do you think that you have what it takes to become a vExpert? Really if you are already participating in community discussions, writing articles and creating other informative material, helping run a VMUG and create a sense of community, evangelizing VMware virtualization benefits to the world at large, then in many ways you already are!

Now make it official. Remember that this is not a one time event. Contribute on a regular basis and help continue to build the community and push it to new heights. Even small contributions on a regular basis are better than one once a year. And while there are benefits to being nominated to the vExpert Program that's not what it's about. That said leverage all the tools that you can to continue building up your skill set which in turns allows you to continue to share your knowledge.

See you around!


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