Are you going to VMworld this year?

vmworld Are you going to VMworld this year? If so what are you most excited about? What sessions and technologies are you interested in seeing?

If you are going, local vExpert 2012 Seattle VMUG member Jason Langer of has put together a page where you can add your name, hotel, and twitter name. You can use this to see who else is you might know is going, to try to meet up with others, follow them on Twitter to find out about what is going on before, during, and after VMworld, or to try to share a cab. The page is at . I met Jason at VMworld last year through a simple tweet asking if anyone from Seattle was interested in meeting up.

The VMworld 2012 schedule builder is now LIVE and I have already booked my sessions. The sessions I picked are a mix of VDI, SRM, clusters, automation, and other topics of interest just because they sound interesting.The sessions I pick tend to be related to what I am working on or projects that are already or will likely be in the pipeline. If you have not looked at the session catalog I recommend that you do and pick the sessions that you are interested in sooner rather than later. The slots fill up quickly and it can be disappointing to feel like you are signing up for what is left rather than what you really want to see. Also keep an eye on the schedule for updates if there are sessions that are full, and be sure to mark sessions that you are interested in, as it is not uncommon for the more popular sessions to have a repeat added. For myself, as usual I may regret picking too many back to back sessions, and despite that there isn't anywhere near enough time to see all the ones I want to see.

If you have not built your shedule yet (Really? Still? Even after reading the previous paragraph?), this is your first time going through it, or you find it difficult to use (it gets better every year though, I assure you) vExpert 2012 Maish over at Technodrone has some tips on how to make it work for you.

In preparation of going VMware has released a lot of videos from VMworld 2011. This is content that was previously available to VMworld attendees or paying subscribers, now freely available to all. Check them out!

Still trying to convice your boss? VMware has a canned letter to help you make your case. . It can't hurt to try, again!

I hope that some of you can make it. In my book it is THE conference to go to, even if I have to pass up every other conference throughout the year.

Know of events, parties, etc? Post them in the comments below, with a link to an event page or blog posting if possible.

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