Dell Force10 FTOS XL Available

Posted on March 23, 2013

Dell Force10 recently released an FTOS update, version . At the time of this writing I was in the middle of a network deployment with 8 MXL10/40 blade switches between two chassis, and Dell premium support proactively called me recommending that I update. After reviewing the release notes I determined that there were a few fixes which might make the update worthwhile, and I figured that it would be good practice to go through the code update process since I had not done it since the blades first arrived.

Process overview:

Download FTOS-XL- from the Force10Networks support portal.

Use your favorite tftp server, ftp server, usb drive, etc.

Assuming that you are using a tftp server, from enable mode:

upgrade system tftp: A:

The rest of the process is automatic. When the process is complete type: wr mem, then reload .

That's it. The upgrade command makes it easy.

Posted by Peter

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  1. Hi Piotr. I don’t have a way to attach it to the comment but assuming that you have a logon to the Dell/Force10 Networks portal you can grab the release notes there. If not I’m sure your Dell rep can easily send it to you if you reference the document link.

  2. Hello,

    Can you share the Release Notes for version


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